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Russian River Utility
7131 Mirabel Road
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To run the water district efficiently, the board contracts with a range of local professionals who have expertise in operations, engineering, law and accounting. Below are the key people who provide these essential services:

James Dunton, District Manager

Russian River Utility
7131 Mirabel Road, Forestville, California

Jamie, as he is called, is one of the founders of Russian River Utility established at the same time as Russian River County Water District. He is currently the President of Russian River Utility.

Jack Locey, District Engineer

Jack Locey, District Engineer

Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers
5570 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa, California

John (Jack) Locey is a registered civil engineer and senior principal with Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers, the firm that has provided engineering services to the district since its creation in 1983.

Jack has been working with the district for over 25 years, initially helping prepare the feasibility study that guided the district’s formation and, since the late 1980s, as district engineer.

Jack and other key members of Brelje & Race serve in a similar capacity for several other utility districts in Sonoma County.

Michael Merrill, District Legal Counsel

Michael Merrill, District Legal Counsel

Merrill Arnone & Jones LLP
3554 Round Barn Boulevard, Santa Rosa, California

Mike Merrill is a partner with Merrill, Arnone & Jones, LLP, the Santa Rosa law firm that, in 1983, helped activist residents in northwestern Forestville to form the Russian River County Water District.

Mike established his practice in Sonoma County over forty years ago. His firm represents numerous businesses as well as public entities in the North Bay and is active in the business, professional and non-profit sectors in the community.

Vicky Mwangi, District Administrator

Vicky Mwangi, District Administrator

VM Accounting Services
1101 College Avenue, Santa Rosa, California

Vicky Mwangi is a certified public accountant with over 20 years’ experience. She joined the RRCWD team in 2004 to assist with financial reporting, becoming board secretary and district administrator shortly thereafter.

Vicky maintains the district’s financial records (save water billing) and coordinates required annual audits with the district’s independent auditor.

Hal Wood, Consultant (Retired District Manager)

Hal Wood, Consultant (Retired District Manager)

Russian River Utility
7131 Mirabel Road, Forestville, California

Hal Wood, District Manager, is president of the Russian River Utility Company, which has maintained and operated the district’s water system under contract to the board of directors since the district’s formation in 1983.

RRU’s responsibilities include water production, distribution, treatment, storage, customer service and billing, Their offices are across from the Forestville fire station and can be reached at 707-887-7735.

Conservation Tips

  Find and repair leaks now

  Install high-efficiency toilets

  Run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads only

  Install water- and energy-efficient appliances

  Install low-flow showerheads

  Fill the bathtub halfway or less

  Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving

  Reduce your watering days to once or twice per week

  Plant native or water-wise species

  Inspect and tune up irrigation system monthly

  Irrigate between midnight and 6AM to reduce water loss from evaporation and wind

  Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveway, deck or patio

  Use a bucket and a hose with self-closing nozzle to wash the car or take your car to a carwash that recycles water

  Cover pools and hot tubs to reduce evaporation

See more tips and resources in our Conservation section

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